The 2005 BMW 330Ci Was For Newly Promoted Managers

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It might even be your transportation to marriage counseling sessions.

On paper, the 2005 BMW 330Ci has much going for it: a straight-six with around 235 hp, the familiar 3 Series design and handling traits, and, of course, the BMW exclusivity. There was a time when people bought BMWs mainly because of their German engineering and racing pedigree, but things have changed in more recent years, and the E46 330Ci is an ideal example. It's almost too refined, too business-like.

It was for those rewarding themselves after receiving a promotion from mid- to top level manager. The 2005 330Ci is a pure luxury coupe that even came with an automatic gearbox. As the crew at Regular Car Reviews points out, if you're not driving a BMW with a manual, you're just steering it.

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