The 2011 Essen Motor Show Girls

An obligatory showing of the crème de la crème from this year’s Essen Motor Show.

We've brought you the Women of SEMA 2011 and a CarBuzz exclusive of the Sexy Sales Ladies of the LA Auto Show, and now we have pictures of classy European car babes from the glamorous 2011 Essen Motor Show. This show is effectively Europe's answer to SEMA, with finely-tuned motors and fine-looking felines on display. Sexy, hot, and streamlined are words that can be used to describe both metal and girl power, as are the words dull, unattractive and aggressive.

We'll leave it to you to decide which word should go where. PS - we're not sexist, we just cover the news. If trade and auto shows decide to start using male models, we'll be more than happy to share these too. In other news a wild boar was seen flying over the Norwegian fjords on Friday... Photos courtesy of AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT

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