The 2013 Range Rover Looks Good Even While Going Slow

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Off-roading can be just as much fun as the race track. Well, not for everyone.

Next to Jeeps and the Toyota Land Cruiser, the Land Rover Range Rover is one of the best off-road vehicles you can buy today. It hasn't come cheap ever since the UK automaker turned it into a luxury SUV several years ago. Then again, is there any other vehicle on the planet where it's socially acceptable for it to roll into a five-star uber luxury hotel completely doused in mud? With that in mind, the normally heavy-footed Justin Bell gets behind the wheel of a 2013 Range Rover for a little off-roading session.

It's all great fun, but there's a downside: you can't go fast while crawling through mountainous and rocky terrain. But no matter, the Range Rover handles any obstacle thrown at it like a champ while its driver and passengers remain very comfortable sitting on plush leather upholstery.

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