The 2015 BMW Z4 Just Got OVER 400 Horsepower Thanks To Dinan

All for just $74,900.

We can’t help but love the newest extensive tuning jobdone to the BMW Z4 by iconic tuning house Dinan and dealershipIsringhausen. This car both looks and performs in a way few modded Z4s havebefore. The car Dinan started with was a new 2015 BMW Z4 sDrive35i.When it was stock, the sporty roadster made 300 hp and 295 pound-feet of torque.Now, the car cranks out 406 hp and puts down 430 pound-feet of torque. This iswhy we feel its justifiable to offer this car at $74,900.

The stock version of this same drop-top goes for anMSRP of $57,900. So how did these two tuning house make this car churn out somuch power? The biggest factor here is probably the fact that Dinan installed aStage 3 tuning kit. To be more specific, Dinan added a high capacity oil coolerto deliver power more predictably and hopefully extend the life of the engine. The companies also added a Dinan High Capacity Intercooler that's twice as big asthe stock unit from BMW. Another addition is a K&N air filter so that optimalairflow can still be achieved when the boost is high. A Bilsen B12 Pro-Kit Sport Suspension Package wasinstalled as well, allowing the car to sit more than an inch lower than a stock Z4.

An aluminum Turner Motorsports strut brace was added toincrease the rigidity of the chassis even when it’s whipping around hardcorners. To further the aesthetic appeal of the car, Isringhausen put the caron 19-inch OZ Leggera rims with Michelin Super Sport tires. In case the lowered center of gravity and OZ wheels weren’t enough to make this car look betterthan the rest of the pack, they also threw on glossy-finish black kidney andlower grilles made by BMW.

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