The 2015 Mustang's Interior is a Mighty Fine Place to Be

It makes the outgoing model's look somewhat cheap.

We’ve already written about how stunning the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang is in the flesh. For those haven’t seen it in in-person, you too will soon realize just how incredible this car is from nearly every angle. The coupe’s fastback roof in particular is quite something. But enough about the exterior for the moment; it’s the interior that we want you to take into consideration now. Ford was kind enough to allow us to hop inside its latest 'Stang at Geneva and, well, we once again walked away impressed.

This interior, in terms of materials and overall design layout, is unlike anything Ford has done before. It has this wonderful pure and premium sports car feel, while at the same time easily makes the interiors of its direct competitors look and feel bland. Even cheap. Ford’s European Line Director, Darren Palmer, proudly explained to us that the automaker went all-out when it came to using some of the finest build materials at its disposal. There’s aluminum where there should be, and not aluminum-looking plastic. Is this interior up there with, say, that of the BMW M3? Depends on whom you ask, but we happened to love the overall design. And yes, that’s just our opinion, which we think you’ll share one day very soon.

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