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The 2015 NYC Taxi Driver Calendar is Even Creepier Than Last Year's

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Just so wrong in so many ways but for a good cause.

Back for a second year, providing plenty of laughs and reasons to consider walking instead of taking a cab, is the NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar. Exactly a year ago we showed you the 2014 edition, where a portion of proceeds went to NYC's University Settlement, America's oldest settlement house that's located in New York City's Lower East Side. It serves over 30,000 immigrants, working people and families every year with services such as quality education, housing, and literacy programs.

NYC Taxi Driver Calendar 2014 was a solid success, raising over $40,000. That warranted a 2015 edition. This year's calendar features three returning "All-Stars" from last year and 10 new drivers. There's even a husband and wife taxi driving duo. And it can be yours for just $14.99. Come on, have a sense of humor and help out those in need.

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