The 2016 Cadillac ELR Didn't Debut at LA Because of System Failures

More specifically, its autonomous vehicle tech wasn't working.

It’s fair to say that Cadillac has so far been less than pleased with the roll out of the ELR. It’s insanely expensive for what it is ($76k) and when compared to the Tesla Model S, it’s even more difficult to justify that price tag. After all, the Model S is a fairly large sedan while the ELR is a coupe. So in order to increase sales by convincing skeptics the ELR is worth the money, GM reportedly began to integrate "highly autonomous vehicle" technology. The plan was to have the updated 2016 ELR ready for an LA Auto Show debut.

Instead, the 2014 model was brought along for the show (there won’t be a 2015 model in order to focus on 2016). Obviously this got some people wondering, especially since the LA show’s website listed the '16 ELR as a world debut. Apparently, the reason for the no-show was because that semi-autonomous tech was experiencing "system integration difficulties." Translation: it didn’t work as intended and there was no way GM could display a car that wasn’t ready. Never mind guys, there's always Detroit.

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