The 2016 COPO Camaro Is Capable Of Catching Some Insane Air

Ford and Dodge fanboys, what say you?

The very first 2016 Chevrolet COPO Camaro recently auctioned off for a whopping $300,000. That’s a crap ton of money for a car built to haul ass in a straight line and not much else. In case you were wondering why anyone would pay so much for a drag racer, or why 5,000 people put in orders when only 69 units were made available, this video should provide the answers you seek. It was created by Chevy and shows the new COPO Camaro going through some testing on the drag strip.

The monstrous muscle car catches some serious air and blows quite a bit of smoke. Is all that worth a premium price, though? If you live your life a quarter mile at a time it is.

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