The 2016 Fiat 500e Is Much More Than Just An Electric Golf Cart

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But is it a Nissan Leaf alternative?

We've long been fans of the Fiat 500. It's simply one of the best small city cars on the market. Along with the base models, there's also a mid-range turbo 500 and, of course, the 500 Abarth. But did you also know that Fiat offers a fully electric version? First introduced to the US market in 2013, the 500e was given an update for 2016, featuring a redesigned grille and headlights, restyled alloy wheels, and new body colors. Our car, painted Retro Light Blue, was unquestionably sharp-looking. We especially dug the orange paint trim on the side mirrors and doors.

But what was interesting was that most people didn't realize we were driving an EV. That's because the 500e doesn't look very different from other 500s. But is this a better EV than, say, the Nissan Leaf? Probably not. The 500e has a driving range of 84 miles on a single full charge while the Leaf is capable of 107 miles.

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Also, the 500e is quite expensive with a sticker price of just over $32,000. Bear in mind the base gas-powered 500 trim costs about half that amount. So why does the 500e exist in the first place? Because Fiat Chrysler was required by governments to offer something that lowers overall lineup emissions. Still though, we appreciated the 500e for what it is, and it's still much more than just a golf cart. Check out our full walk around review for even more relevant details.

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