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The 2017 Ford GT Auction Ford Tried To Stop But Couldn’t Is Happening Again

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Same Ford GT. Same auction house. More controversy.

If Mecum Auctions is looking for a legal fight with Ford, then it's about to have one. Again. We just reported about a specific 2017 Ford GT with only 7 miles on its clock sold at auction last May for a whopping $1.8 million. An investigative report discovered that Ford made a late attempt to stop that auction from happening, but a judge sided in favor of the auction house.

The original owner of the GT in question is a guy named John Miller, who decided to sell the car for $1.1 million only a few months after taking delivery. It was this second owner, Michael J. Flynn, who consigned the car to Mecum for its Indianapolis auction.

The buyer's identity remains a mystery. While Ford continues legal action against Mecum and Flynn, Mecum has just listed that silver GT on its auction list for its upcoming Monterey event. In other words, Mecum is not afraid of Ford, or rather its team of lawyers. Clearly, the auction house believes it has every right to sell the GT, despite the approval process and contractual agreements original owners had to go through. The stunning GT is the 48th out of 250 examples built in 2017.

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A closer look at its details shows it now has 8.5 miles on its odometer, meaning its third owner must have driven it for a whole 1.5 miles. So why is the third owner selling so quickly? Our best guess is that they're worried about legal issues coming from Ford. Perhaps owning this Ford GT isn't worth the legal trouble. Then again, perhaps the owner believes they can make a profit due to simple demand for lack of supply. Whatever the reason(s) may be, this auction listing definitely won't sit well with Ford, to say the least. Photos courtesy of Mecum Auctions.