The 2018 Aston Martin Vanquish Will Become A V12 Ferrari Fighter


Time to move on from being a grand tourer.

With the highly successful launch of both the V8- and V12-powered DB11 behind it, Aston Martin is moving on to bigger and more powerful things. Autocar reports that next year, following the launch of the redesigned Vantage, a new Vanquish will debut. Unlike the current Vanquish, however, its replacement will forgo its grand touring persona in favor of being a hardcore supercar. Think of it as a Ferrari 812 Superfast competitor. This is all part of Aston Martin’s big plans to take literally everything up a notch. Or several.

The 2018 Vanquish will be powered by the DB11’s twin-turbo 5.2-liter V12, but output will be increased from the current 600 hp. How powerful, exactly? The 812 Superfast has 789 hp thanks to its naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12, so Aston Martin is very likely aiming to match that output. A personality change is important for the Vanquish’s long-term survival, mainly because the new DB11 infringes heavily on its segment territory; going upmarket is the natural and most logical answer. However, the new Vanquish will still utilize much of the DB11’s architecture, although there’ll be heavy modifications.

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A recent spy video taken at the Nurburgring was originally thought to be a DB11 S prototype, but further examination reveals it is, in fact, the new Vanquish wearing a DB11 production body. You can tell it’s different from the DB11 based on its improved cornering ability and less body roll. In many ways, Aston Martin is echoing Ferrari’s lineup strategy.

It’s also planning a mid-engined rival to the 488 GTB and the upcoming redesigned Vantage will battle the just revealed Ferrari Portofino. The DB11 will be the grand tourer of the bunch while the new Vanquish will handle the 812 Superfast. Come 2020, the DBX SUV should be good to go, and it’ll take on Ferrari’s own upcoming SUV. Only good things happening here.