The 2018 Audi A8 Will Debut In Spiderman Homecoming


Expect to see plenty of heavy-handed Audi product placement in Spiderman Homecoming.

Porsche’s decision to present the 911 GT2 RS to the public at the E3 gaming exhibition in Los Angeles was unprecedented, but automakers have been using cars as product placement in the entertainment industry for years, particularly in movies. The Dodge Demon was first shown in the trailer for the Fate of the Furious before its official reveal, the fifth-gen Camaro first made its debut in Transformers back in 2007, and cars such as the Aston Martin DBS, BMW Z3 and, weirdly, the Ford Mondeo were all promoted in James Bond films.

While the new Audi A8 won’t be officially revealed until July 11 in Barcelona, it will make its debut in the upcoming Marvel movie Spiderman Homecoming which swings into cinemas on June 28. As part of the automaker’s teaser campaign, Audi is using its Marvel movie tie-in to demonstrate the A8’s semi-autonomous driving abilities known as Audi AI.

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After showing us how the luxury sedan will be able to park itself without anyone in the car, this latest video features actor Tom Holland playing the role of Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, taking a “driving test” in a prototype A8. The Audi A8 will feature Level 3 autonomy, as demonstrated in the traffic jam pilot system which can take over driving duties while in traffic for short periods. Spiderman also demonstrates the A8’s self-parking abilities, as well as the Audi PreSense to avoid a collision. We also get to see the A8’s virtual cockpit instrumental display and a sneak peek at the styling. In the movie, Spiderman will be chauffeured around in the A8 by Happy Hogan.

In one scene, Hogan will activate traffic pilot and take his hands off the wheel while the car continues to turn. If the product placement sounds heavy-handed, Tony Stark will once again be driving the R8 V10 Spyder in Spiderman Homecoming, while the Audi TTS Roadster will be driven by Peter Parker.