The 2018 Ford Mustang GT Was Just Caught In The Wild For The First Time


This is the first time we've seen the new Mustang outside of an auto show.

So far the 2018 Ford Mustang has been seen through the automaker's lens only, or on the show floor of the Detroit Auto Show. That has changed thanks to Redditor Nola67. He spotted the new Mustang while on his way to work in New Orleans, Louisiana. Naturally, pictures were snapped. According to Nola67 the new Mustang was in New Orleans as part of the NADA100 (National Automobile Dealers Association) Convention. Does your opinion of the Mustang's new design change after seeing these amateur photos?

A good-looking car should look good no matter the quality of the camera or who is taking the photos, right? Since it was revealed our view on the new look has slowly shifted. First it was set at "cautiously optimistic" before a side-by-side comparison moved the outlook to "sipping the Ford Kool-Aid." What's most notable here is the deletion of the rear wing, likely due to this particular Mustang GT not being optioned with the Performance Package. That decklid spoiler looks sharp, but we definitely prefer the wing. From the rear angle you can just catch a glimpse of half the quad exhaust in all its glory. The interior doesn't look all that special which makes sense as you'll need to actually sit in the cabin to notice its updated materials.

Nola67 says Ford personnel were onsite which is why the windows were down. Can you imagine how much trouble they'd be in had Ford's new Mustang been left unattended with the windows down?! Window controversies aside, check out these shots and let us know if they've changed your opinion of the new Mustang's design.

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