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The 2018 Infiniti QX30 Is Already Getting A Price Increase

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This mid-year-update also makes standard a vital safety feature.

We've already sampled the Infiniti QX30 and were impressed by its solid blend of crossover utility and driving enjoyment. That can't be said for all crossovers. And no doubt buyers have noticed as the QX30 has become a sales success since it arrived last year. And now Cars Direct has discovered that Infiniti has increased the QX30's price in the middle of this year. Mid-year price adjustments aren't totally uncommon, but in the case of the QX30, the price has gone up.

But before we bring you those figures, you should know Infiniti has altered the trim levels, new names and all. Like the larger QX50, the 2018.5 QX30 is now offered by the Pure, Luxe, Essential, and Sport trims, which replace the Base, Luxury, Premium and Sport. As for pricing, the $30,945 base price remains unchanged and the best part is that automatic emergency braking is now standard. However, beginning with the $33,795 Luxe trim, prices go up, here by $200 over the old Luxury trim. Fortunately, a panoramic sunroof is now standard but leather upholstery no longer is. Both the Essential and Sport trims, beginning at $37,695 and $40,895, respectively, are now $1,400 higher over their previous Premium and Sport counterparts.

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The $42,195 Essential trim is now the most expensive instead of the outgoing Sport. In fact, there's now a $4,500 price increase, but here's why: all-wheel drive and Navigation are now standard, unlike before. So in general, these packaging changes are designed to increase sales, not deter them. Infiniti looked at its sales data, analyzed what customers we buying, and simply modified and renamed the trims. This happens all the time in the auto industry, but in the case of the QX30, it's interesting Infiniti chose to make these adjustments mid-year as opposed to waiting until 2019.