The 2018 Jeep Wrangler V6 Is Actually Quite Fuel Efficient, For An SUV


The numbers are in. Are they better than before? Oh yeah.

Jeep is gearing up for its all-out reveal of its completely re-designed 2018 Wrangler at the LA Auto Show early next month. A soft launch of sorts happened last week at SEMA. Now that we know what the new Wrangler ultimately looks like, more details, specifically its Environmental Protection Agency figures, are slowly being announced. According to the EPA, the 3.6-liter V6-powered Wrangler Unlimited with the six-speed manual has been rated at 17/23/19 mpg, city/highway/combined.

Buyers who opt for the eight-speed automatic will enjoy a slight bump to 18/23/20 mpg. For comparison, the outgoing Wrangler Unlimited is rated at 16/21/18 mpg with the manual, and 16/20/18 mpg for the fidgety five-speed automatic. At first the difference in figures may not seem like all that much, but given some time future owners will definitely notice extra money in their pockets following numerous fill-ups. As you’ve probably already noticed, the EPA hasn’t released (or maybe hasn’t tested yet) the two-door Wrangler V6 or the turbo four-cylinder model. Chances are the two-door V6 will return very similar figures to its Unlimited counterpart.

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But it’s the turbo four pot that ought to be really interesting. Why? Because it could either be the more fuel efficient option or the performance one, and its overall fuel economy numbers will fully reflect that. Fortunately, we’ll soon have all of the answers. In the meantime, JL Wrangler Forums has some fresh photos of new Wranglers out testing. The reveal date is so close Jeep isn't even bothering to camouflage them anymore.