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The 2019 Chevrolet Camaro Is Not Only Uglier, It's Less Efficient

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Shouldn't a redesign actually help fuel efficiency?

We certainly didn't fall in love when we first laid eyes on the facelifted 2019 Chevrolet Camaro, although seeing a real-world example was enough to soften our opinion a bit. Typically a facelift is meant to improve a car, but we are struggling to love this new Camaro as much as the outgoing 2018 model. As it turns out, the EPA has published its fuel economy ratings for the 2019 Camaro and the results are not good. Not only is the 2019 model not as attractive (to some eyes) as the car it replaces, it is actually less efficient in some trim levels.

The four-cylinder Camaro retains the same fuel economy figures as last year while the V6 automatic loses a single combined mpg and the manual loses one mpg on the highway. Among the efficiency loses, the biggest surprise was the V8-powered SS model. One of the biggest "improvements" for the 2019 Camaro SS was the addition of the 10-speed automatic sourced from the ZL1, which should theoretically improve fuel economy. Instead, automatic-equipped SS models drop from 17-mpg to 16-mpg in the city and manual models drop from 25-mpg to 24-mpg on the highway. All ZL1 models retain the same fuel economy.

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These losses may not be significant, but they are surprising. Automakers desperately fight to gain a single mpg to reach fuel economy targets, though the US government recently rolled those back. The minor decreases in fuel economy shouldn't have an impact on Camaro sales, but this just looks like one more reason why the 2019 Camaro facelift was a botched surgery.