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The 2020 Detroit Motor Show Won't Be Happening In January

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For the first time in decades, the Detroit Auto Show won't be happening in winter.

For decades, the annual Detroit Motor Show has been held in January, but that tradition is going to end soon. Due to declining popularity, the event is changing dates to avoid clashing with the January CES show. Detroit News reports that Detroit Auto Dealers Association has decided to move the event to either June or October, but an official announcement about the final decision will be made on July 24. The change is expected to take place in 2020, marking the first time the show hasn't been held in January for least 50 years.

Next year's show will still take place in January, however. A new promotional video teases what we can expect from the revamped 2020 Detroit Auto Show, depicting new outdoor auto show events. Show executives are even considering changing the name of the show "to emphasize that the show is in Detroit," while a date change would utilize more of the city's attractions. Around a dozen new names are apparently being considered, but it's unlikely the name change will be announced on July 24 to coincide with the new date. According to Detroit News, General Motors has been pushing for a switch to June.

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It also wants to turn the show into a "massive festival of automotive" aimed at consumers rather than the media. June certainly seems like the most logical month to host the Detroit Auto Show, since October would sandwich it between Frankfurt in September and LA in November.

The news comes as the Detroit Atuo Show has arguably become less relevant over the years. Audi, BMW and Mercedes have already pulled out of next year's show, and automakers are increasingly opting to unveil cars at their own special events where they can get more spotlight.