The 2020 Ford Bronco Will Share Parts Suppliers With The Jeep Wrangler


Seems like Ford is serious about making it a true Wrangler competitor.

We damn near had a heart attack when a Reddit AMA with an alleged Ford designer claimed that the Blue Oval was using the Bronco badge as a bait and switch to help sell the Ford Everest in the land of purple mountain majesty. To disarm the impending attack from enthusiasts, Ford then went on record and told us that the Bronco would be a beast of its own, and thanks to a report from Automotive News, we now know this to be true. That's all due to an investor presentation by Dana, an automotive parts supplier that builds axles for the Jeep Wrangler.


During the presentation, Dana revealed that it had gotten a contract from Ford to build axles for both the Bronco and Ranger, leading us to believe that Ford is serious about making the two vehicles capable of whatever nature may throw at them. The AdvanTEK solid rear axles, which will be built right alongside the ones slated for the next-generation Wrangler at Dana's Toledo, Ohio factory, will mean that Jeep will finally have competition in a segment it's ruled since Ford killed the last version of the Bronco in 1996. Ford declined to comment about any of the Bronco's other components saying, "it will meet the needs of our most demanding off-road enthusiasts," said a Ford spokesperson.

We will have more information to share about Bronco's suspension closer to launch." It will be interesting to see how the Bronco stacks up to the Wrangler because Jeep's star SUV has sold so well based on three factors: confidence in its off-road ability, the community of Wrangler fans brought together by its cult status, and the fact that it's a highly customizable vehicle. It's likely that the first Broncos to hit the streets will come in only one body style, a crowd pleasing four-door, making it less customizable than the Wrangler. It will probably sell well based on name alone, but if performance is what Ford is making it out to be, then the Blue Oval will need to supplement it with a two door. For now, we'll have to count the days until the SUV's 2020 release to know more.


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