The 2021 Ford Bronco Is So Popular Ford's Website Crashed

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Up to that point, it was pretty much a perfect digital launch for Ford's new off-roader.

Brace yourself; if we had to hazard a guess, we'd say that most likely, everyone's going to be talking about the 2021 Ford Bronco for quite some time.

After all, it's just about impossible to ignore. Reviving an iconic nameplate last used way back in 1996, with rugged body-on-frame construction and serious-duty four-wheeling gear on every trim, the Bronco is exactly the sort of Jeep Wrangler-fighting off-roader Ford promised it would be. Among overlanding enthusiasts and the Ford faithful, the anticipation leading up to yesterday's reveal was overwhelming.

So is it any surprise, then, that the website for placing a 2021 Ford Bronco reservation crashed due to overwhelming web traffic? Not so much.

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According to a report from The Drive, the 2021 Ford Bronco reservation website, which allows interested buyers to secure their spot in line with a refundable $100 deposit, crashed soon after opening due to the sheer number of shoppers attempting to place reservations. The site was reportedly down until at least this morning, although Ford seems to have worked through the issues.

In terms of the volume of reservations placed, we don't have a figure, but it's telling that the limited-run 2021 Ford Bronco First Edition is already all booked up - all 3,500 units. According to preliminary specs, that model will ship with many of the same hardcore off-road parts that define the range-topping Wildtrak - forged bead-lock wheels, 35-inch Goodyear Territory mud-terrain tires, an advanced electromechanical transfer case, and more.

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So far, every sign indicates that Ford has knocked it out of the park with the all-new Ford Bronco, delivering a truly special, well-styled, off-road-ready SUV capable of going toe-to-toe with Jeep's iconic Wrangler. From the removable roof and doors, to the available 7-speed manual transmission, to the plethora of dealer-installable customization accessories already available, it seems that with the Bronco, Ford has taken enthusiasts' wishes into account.

With any luck, we'll be able to confirm soon enough after a thorough test drive.

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Source Credits: The Drive

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