The 2022 Ford Bronco Range Includes A Wildtrak Soft-Top Model

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Deliveries of the Ford Bronco have been delayed thanks to the global semiconductor chip shortage, affecting even the German automakers that had massive stockpiles of said chips not too long ago. Nevertheless, the Bronco remains hot property, and everyone wants to get their hands on the stylish retro off-roader.

While some are still waiting to receive their Broncos, Ford must continue to work on the next model year variant, and according to recent reports from Bronco Nation, the 2022 model is about to get some changes, most notably to the top Wildtrak trim (the First Edition was the most expensive model for 2021 but is now sold out).

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So what's new? Well, the four-door version of the Wildtrak will now get a canvas soft top as standard in "an apparent effort to lower complexity and remove constraints". However, the more-door Wildtrak will still come with a prep kit for the hard top that will now be optional.

The two-door Wildtrak will stick with its molded-in-color hard top though, and this feature is being redesigned after a number of quality complaints from customers who saw blemishes when the roof was "exposed to extreme weather and humidity". As for the pricing of the now-optional roof on the four-door Wildtrak, nothing has yet been confirmed, but we expect to learn more once full details on the 2022 model year are announced.

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In the meantime, we also now know that the Black Diamond and Badlands variants will be getting a new front bumper that will be the default option over the current heavy-duty modular bumper. Ford has named this the "capable bumper", so we hope it lives up to its name. It should, since it is fabricated from powder-coated steel and features brush guard support, a spot for a winch, steel bash plates, recovery hooks, and fog lights. If you want one of these but aren't getting a Black Diamond or Badlands edition, it is expected to become an option across the lineup for 2022.

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Source Credits: The Bronco Nation

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