The 2023 Ford Mustang Could Be Very Unconventional

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This was inevitable.

It seems like just a short while ago that we were all fawning over the return of the Ford Mustang Mach 1, but the auto industry is always fluid and never stationary. As awesome as that American brute of a pony car is, we're already looking ahead to the next generation, and as it draws closer, we're getting little tidbits of information on what to expect. Of course, the introduction of the Mustang Mach-E has proven that what the Mustang name means is evolving, so it shouldn't be too much of a surprise to learn that the next Mustang may fly in the face of convention once again with something that may seem sacrilegious. According to reports, the 2023 Mustang may power all four wheels.

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The current S550 Mustang was going to feature a hybrid system before Jim Hacket became CEO. His priority was getting a Mustang EV to market, and now that this has been achieved, the next-generation S650 will revert to the goal of hybridization. According to a patent filed by Ford in 2017, the original plans included a "twin-motor drive system for hybrid vehicle[s]" with these motors "mounted directly to opposing sides of the engine". That suggests that power would go to both axles, with EV power on the front. This would only engage when the rear wheels lose traction, and the system may offer torque vectoring too.

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Along with the obvious performance benefits, the introduction of electrification would enhance fuel economy too. It wouldn't be too expensive to develop either, as the next Mustang is likely to be based on the CD6 platform that underpins the Explorer and the Lincoln Aviator, both of which are going electric. Of course, this decision may anger fans of the Mustang brand almost as much as the decision to apply the Mustang name to an electric SUV. However, those who have driven the Mach-E have been blown away, and an AWD Mustang coupe is likely to impress just as much.

Furthermore, Ford has not suggested that the S650 would be hybrid-only, so there could still be a number of gasoline-only variants. Whatever the range looks like, there's no doubt that the addition of AWD will help the Mustang remain competitive against its European rivals, and lower fuel-economy figures will help keep the legendary nameplate alive for years to come.

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