The 2100hp Volvo Hybrid Big Rig Sets World Speed Records


Volvo’s super-truck has just broken its own world records.

Last month we brought you a story about Volvo's hybrid big rig preparing a run at its own world speed records. On April 27th, the Mean Green racing truck took its exclusive motor and battery along with the 'highly-tuned' Volvo D16 engine to Wendover, Utah, for a few record-breaking runs. The Swedish Viking Speed Records Team, led by racing driver Boije Ovebrink, set two land speed world records at the Historic Wendover Airfield, located just minutes from the more well-known Bonneville Salt Flats.

Utilizing its 1,900hp D16 engine and 200hp electric motor (combined for almost 5,000 lb-ft of torque!), the Mean Green hybrid racing truck ran an average speed of 147.002 mph km/h (236.577 km/h) through the Flying Kilometer (2/3 mile) and ran 95.245 mph (153.252 km/h) from a standstill over the same kilometer.

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These impressive figures surpass the Mean Green's previous records set in Sweden last June. Its previously hit speeds of 135.943 mph in the Flying Kilometer and 94.605 mph in the Standing Kilometer. "We are very pleased with Mean Green's performance, especially at such a high altitude," said Mean Green owner and driver Boije Ovebrink. "We knew Wendover would present challenges because it's more than 4200 feet above sea level." Ovebrink and his Volvo Mean Green hybrid racing truck's new land speed world records were sanctioned by the United States Auto Club.