The $250,000 Beetle

Paul Newman had one primary goal when he enlisted the help of IndyCar builder Jerry Eisert to modify his Beetle, to outrun Robert Redford's Porsche. To that end, a Ford 351 V8 was fitted in place of the Beetle's flat four, and the suspension and steering were completely redone. The bodywork is mostly original, as Newman also liked to surprise other drivers at the lights, but there have been a couple of changes made.

The engine cover is custom, although it retains the look of the original, and a grille has been cut in the hood to accommodate a radiator. Newman said that it still had a tendency to overheat in heavy traffic on hot days, but it also outran Redford's Porsche, so you take the good with the bad. The car is now for sale by its current owner, a friend of Newman's named Sam Contino, who is asking $250,000. He admits that most of that price is due to the cars famous former owner.

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