The 3 Things Chevy Volt Customers Want Improved

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A new Volt is on its way, and current customers have a few requests.

For all intents and purposes, the Chevrolet Volt has been a solid success. Yes, it was somewhat controversial when it first launched, especially among politicians, but overall GM has prevailed. It has proven its range-extending technology works as it should. And for a sticker price of about $35k (before tax incentives), the Volt is also a pretty darned good bargain. A recent study has shown that Volt owners who charge their cars regularly go nearly 970 miles between fill-ups.

A trip to the gas station occurs just once a month. But the Volt is aging fast, having debuted in late 2010. The next-generation car has long been in development, and now GM is asking current owners for their input. Overall, there are three main things these owners would like to see made available in the next-gen Volt. They include the following: a fifth seat, a longer electric driving range, and a lower price. Chevy has kept mum on the new car's specific details, but it's fully aware that Volt owners love their cars. When the time comes, they want to replace their Volt with the new model. It'd be wise for GM and its engineering team to listen to these people. They are the Volt's most loyal fans, after all.

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