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The 410-HP BMW M2 Competition Has A Potential Reveal Date

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BMW will soon preview the M2 Competition online.

We've lost count of the number of rumors and leaks we've seen of the new hardcore M2, which will apparently be dubbed the Competition – and yet BMW still hasn't acknowleged its existance. That may soon about to change however, as new reports suggest the BMW M2 Competition will finally break cover on April 25, which happens to be the first media day of the Beijing Motor Show. However, we'll get to see it before then as BMW will reportedly be previewing the hot performance coupe online ahead of its public reveal according to BMW Blog via Bimmertoday.

Set to replace the standard M2, updates to the new Competition model are said to be extensive. Under the hood, the M2 Competition will use a reworked version of the inline-six S55 engine borrowed from its bigger brother, the M4 Coupe. In the M4, this unit delivers 425 hp, but the report suggests it has been detuned to 410 hp and over 370 lb-ft of torque. If these sources are accurate, the hardcore M2 Competition will pack an extra 45 ponies over the standard M2. With this extra power on tap, expect the M2 Competition to improve on the regular M2's 4.3-second 0-62 mph time. Top speed will likely still be limited to 155 mph, unless you upgrade to the M Driver's Package, which raises it to 170 mph.

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As for the exterior design, the M2 Competition will look slightly different to the current model. Expect a sharper exterior with new front and rear aprons to further distinguish it from regular 2 Series cars, M mirrors, and new body colors including Silver Hockenheim and Sunset Orange. These upgrades will of course command a hefty price premium over the current M2. According to the report, BMW will charge an extra 10,000 euros (around $12,300) for the M2 Competition. Prices for the current M2 start at $54,500, so expect the hardcore Competition version to sell for around $65,000.