Drag Race

The 458 Italia Was Literally Smoked Off The Line By The Ultimate Sleeper

Rolling coal on a 458 is disrespectful but awesome.

Normally when we watch videos of the Ferrari 458 Italia drag racing, it’s the one that is kicking asses. Sure, it loses races on occasion, but those L’s are usually delivered by fellow supercars. The 458 isn’t used to getting smoked by junkers like the old diesel Passatt wagon in this video. As you might have guessed that’s exactly what happens here. We can’t really explain why as this video doesn’t provide too much info. Was the Passat tuned to hell? Did the Ferrari driver just suck?

You can watch the video yourself if you’re really hungry for the truth. As for us, well we’re just fine seeing a Ferrari getting coal rolled and losing a race.

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