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The 488 Spider Is Ferrari's Most Powerful Mid-Engined Convertible Ever

You can now experience the turbocharged V8 like never before.

Ferrari justreleased photos and specs on the 488 Spider and here it is in all ofits glory. The 660-hp convertible features a similar folding hard-top as theFerrari 458 Spider but is 55 lbs. lighter than a comparable cloth roof and can fold up ordown in 14 seconds. When the roof is folded down it lies flat on top ofthe engine. Ferrarimay have removed the roof, but the 488 Spider is claimed to have the sametorsional rigidity as the 488 GTB. It utilizes a spaceframe chassis made of 11 different aluminum alloys in conjunction with other metals.

Normally chopping the roof off of a vehicle adds a large amount of weight, but Ferrari hasmanaged to keep the weight increase to only 110 lbs. It's even 22 lbs. lighter than the 458 Spider! The turbocharged V8 in the 488 Spider remains unchanged and is claimed to have the same 0 to 62 mph time of 3.0 seconds as the coupe. Flat out, the 488 Spider can reach 203 mph and will definitely mess up your hair. The only difference between the 488 Spider and 488 GTB is the coupe’s ability to get to 124 mph 0.3 seconds quicker than the Spider. But who cares? With its devilish good looks, insane speed and unlimited headroom, the 488 Spider is going to blow everything away when it goes on sale next spring.

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