The 5,000-HP Devel Sixteen Hypercar Will Finally Debut Next Week

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Remember this? It was first announced back in 2013.

We first heard about the Devel Sixteen way back in 2013 and, honestly, we were skeptical of its claims, not to mention the hypercar itself. Its build quality, at least from the exterior, didn't look to be anywhere near what we'd come to expect from the likes of Pagani and Koenigsegg. It also had a claimed 5,000 hp, thanks to a quad-turbo V16 engine. According to a report from Road and Track, the Devel Sixteen will make its official production-ready debut next week at the Dubai Motor Show.

Looking back, you may also recall that the engine was actually developed from the ground up in the US, specifically by Michigan-based Steve Morris Engines. But the key factor that appears to help make the Devel Sixteen a reality is that fact Devel is partnering up with Manifattura Automobili Torino (MAT), the same Italian manufacturing firm Jim Glickenhaus teamed up with to build the SCG 003 supercar. MAT also had a major hand in the recently revealed Apollo Intensa Emozione. But the big question is whether or not Devel will show a Sixteen hypercar that'll actually, uh, drive. The previous prototype looked like nothing more than just a shell made of plastic.

Will the F-16 fighter-inspired jet exterior design be altered and, if so, by how much? Will that supposed 300 mph top speed still be claimed? And what about that insane engine? Is 5,000 hp even possible without splitting the car in half? The answers will arrive next week.

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