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The 500th LaFerrari Is Most Valuable Car To Sell At Auction This Century

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There's nothing better than donating to a good cause and getting one of the world's fastest hypercars out of the deal.

In response to the devastating earthquake in central Italy which killed 300 people back in August, Ferrari previously announced they would be building and auctioning off one last LaFerrari for charity. Taking place at the weekend's Ferrari Finali Mondiali show at Daytona, the one-off LaFerrari was sold for a whopping $7 million, making it "the most valuable 21st Century automobile ever sold at auction."

The auction was held in in collaboration with classic car auction company RM Sotheby and the Italian National American Foundation's Earthquake Relief Fund. All proceeds from the auction will go towards reconstruction efforts in areas affected by this year's earthquake. Appropriately, the unique LaFerrari sports a special livery with "a distinctly Italian theme," painted in red (what else?) with a white "dream line" adorning the hood and rear windshield. As a reminder that this lustrous LaFerrari was built as a gift to the country from Ferrari, a small Italian flag can also be seen on the hood. Donating to a charitable cause certainly seems to have encouraged people to part with their cash.

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The limited edition supercar sold for nearly five times more than the original LaFerrari which was worth $1.5 million. That said, Ferrari only made 499 LaFerraris to begin with, which has made it highly sought after. As a result, its value increased significantly: the first LaFerrari ever produced recently went up for sale with an asking price of $10 million. With its limited production run, prices for the 950 hp LaFerrari will surely continue to soar over time.