The 570S Sprint Is Yet Another Awesome Car For McLaren Fanboys To Lord Over Porsche Lovers

Track Car

Finally a race car that’s easy on the wallet and listens to no rules.

As far as track legends go, the name McLaren is pretty well-known in all places where the corners are flanked by red and white berms. As an expanding automaker with the Porsche 911's profits in its sights, McLaren built the 570S as an entry-level option for those who want a supercar that’s a bit more usable for daily driving than the Ferrari-fighting 650S and 675LT. However, McLaren knows its audience well and knows the type of people who snap up mid-engine sports cars to use around town.

These people usually like to have a garage toy that they can flaunt during their weekends at the track. That level of self-awareness is what brought the 570S Sprint into the world, and the lighting-quick McLaren has just made its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. To sum it up in one sentence: Think of the car as a baby version of the McLaren P1 GTR. Unlike the 570S GT4, the 570S Sprint doesn’t have to adhere to racing regulations, so McLaren engineers were free to go all out. The most noticeable difference between the standard 570S and the Sprint version is the new front bumper and a rear wing that looks ready for takeoff. The front splitter and underbody are borrowed from the 570S GT4.

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Both help the Sprint make more downforce than any other McLaren in the Sports Series. Hiding behind the new grin is an upgraded radiator that helps dissipate heat from the twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8. Speaking of which, the engine is unchanged from the 570S and is allowed to breathe its full 562 horsepower unencumbered by GT4 regulations. Track comforts include a six-point racing harness, fire extinguisher, roll cage, a stripped-out interior, and center locking magnesium wheels. Keep in mind that the 570S Sprint is a track-only car without the restrictions of a race car. For those who do want to compete in the Sprint, there is an optional GT4 compliance pack available. Deliveries will start next year after buyers pay the $218,000 entry fee.

By the looks of things, McLaren has done things right with the 570S Sprint.