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The 600-HP Mosquito Is An Ultra-Lightweight Supercar With V8 Power

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And by V8, we mean a naturally aspirated V8.

It's not easy to enter the supercar business, even for boutique brands. Both Pagani and Koenigsegg have paid their dues, but they also remain the only ones who have "made it." Perhaps there's room for one more. Meet the Mosquito, lightweight supercar built by Czech-based Performance Solutions. It's powered by a naturally aspirated V8 with 600 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque.

Several exclusive images were sent to CarBuzz and according to the company's press release, the Mosquito will weigh just 2,147 pounds. To compare, the current Mazda MX-5 Miata tips the scale at around 2,300 pounds. This low weight has been accomplished by means of a full carbon fiber body and a single-clutch six-speed gearbox with paddle shifter. A dual-clutch is simply too heavy.

Zero to 62 mph is predicted to happen in 2.9 seconds and top speed will be in excess of 199 mph. But why call it 'Mosquito'? Isn't that an annoying bug that bites? Yes, but it's also the name of a famous British World War II fighter plane famous for its speed and lightweight construction. The supercar's designer, Tomáš Sabácek, also happens to be a WWII aficionado.

Aside from its high output and lightweight, the Mosquito also features Performance Solutions' proprietary Active Ride Control system that will supposedly enable the car's suspension and aerodynamic systems to work in synchronicity, further minimizing drag and maximizing downforce.

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Only 18 examples are planned because, according to Performance Solutions founder Patrik Štipák, "We wanted to build a very exclusive number of cars to really make the Mosquito something special to own and special to spot in public… and thought, well why don't we also try to ensure that we distribute them to different regions and continents."

Unfortunately, no images of the carbon fiber interior are available yet and nor has pricing been finalized, but buyers can pay in Bitcoin if they want. But there are several exterior renderings that also represent the variety of exterior possibilities. No two cars will be identical. Inspiration for this was taken from Graham Hill, who once said: "I am an artist. The track is my canvas, and the car is my brush."

The goal is to have the first Mosquito on the road within 24 months and reservations are currently being taken.