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The 650S is McLaren's Reply to 12C Criticism

Just inject a little P1 DNA.

McLaren would prefer for everyone to call its new 650S an evolution, rather than a facelift, of the 12C. It’s not that the 12C wasn’t a good supercar; it’s just that it didn’t really have all of its kinks sorted out when it went to production. Those issues, however small some may have been (and still are, for that matter), were quite apparent when it competed directly against its main Italian rival, the Ferrari 458 Italia.

But McLaren is committed to getting things right. And now that it has learned some 12C lessons, it’s time for round two. Enter the 650S. So is the 650S any better? Of course it is, but is it good enough to take down the 458? Chris Harris gets behind the wheel to find out.

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