The 750-HP BMW XM Could Launch THIS YEAR

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Perhaps as soon as the 2021 Munich Auto Show.

If you're a BMW nerd, you probably know about 'Project Rockstar', the Bavarian automaker's upcoming X8 super SUV. So far, we've learned very little about the car, but its camouflaged body suggests that it could be quite hideous. We know very well that BMW doesn't care about pleasing the internet when it comes to styling, and we also know that Munich may be forgiven if the end product goes like stink, even if it looks like the cause of said stink. Back in April, we heard about a new trademark filing for 'XM'. Assuming that the X8 M is indeed the XM, then this will be BMW M's first standalone model since the original M1. Whatever the truth is, we don't have long to wait to learn all.

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According to rumors from Germany, the improving state of the pandemic in Europe means that BMW will be able to attend the 2021 Munich Auto Show, and since this is the first major auto show since 2019, BMW would love to make a big impression with its current models (like the M5 CS, M4 Convertible, and X4 M) as well as with future models like the XM and its electric range of i-badged models. New spy shots have suggested that the X8/XM will make a splash not just for its oddly styled face but also for a vertically stacked quartet of exhaust tips.
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As for performance, the entry-level XM is rumored to produce as much as the M8 Competition with 617 horsepower, while the trim-topping XM (said to be called 'M Top') is slated to become the first electrified full M model ever. This model is expected to feature a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 but with a hybrid system that will raise peak performance to a stupendous 750 hp. Of course, that much power will need an AWD system, while the car's range-topping placement in the lineup suggests that it will have an even more luxurious interior than the X7. The new iDrive 8 infotainment system is also expected. We'll find out more at the 2021 Munich Auto Show, which is scheduled for September 7-12.

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