The 812 Superfast Is Evidence Ferrari Will Never Make Anything But The Best


Ferrari’s quarter million dollar Corvette lookalike is worth every penny.

In the car world, sublime quality has a very simple recipe. Take a V12 engine, send its power to the rear wheels, build it in Italy, give it a corny model name, and slap a Prancing Horse badge on it. Seriously, is Ferrari even capable of building bad cars or giving them good names nowadays? Autocar certainly doesn't think so, at least when it comes to the new 812 Superfast, the replacement to the F12 Berlinetta and F12 tdf. Each of those two cars are modern enough to make the 812 Superfast seem redundant, but that’s simply not the case.

By combining the rear-wheel steering of the F12 tdf, front engine and rear-wheel drive dynamics of the F12 chassis, and a new electrically assisted steering system, Ferrari ups the ante significantly by making its quick “super grand tourer” easier to drive at the limit.

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Electric steering is usually taken by the gearhead community with the same amount of sneer and cynicism as the Prius is, but in this case Ferrari gears it to enhance the driving experience. At the slightest hint of oversteer, the system reduces the torque it takes to turn the steering wheel, encouraging the driver to dial in some opposite lock for juicy drifts. It also reduces the F12’s twitchy nature, previously brought on by a quick steering rack, which was Jeremy Clarkson’s biggest complaint about the older car. The rest, from the aerodynamic systems to the toys, are pure Ferrari gold and give us no indication that Enzo Ferrari's legacy is being tarnished when the company became a publicly traded entity.