The 888-HP Tramontana XTR Was Insane Before; Then Vilner Got Its Hands On It

Fighter jet supercar gets a first class interior.

Whenyou attend an exclusive event like Salon Prive 2015, you expect tosee some first class autos and insane performance vehicles, much like the super-rareSpanish supercar, the Tramontana XTR. This two-seater, equipped with a5.5-liter twin-turbo V12 that produces 888 hp and 722 lb-ft of torque,has never needed to work hard to get any attention. Beyond its beastlyperformance, it also boasts a very rare seating configuration, with the driverperched ahead of the passenger, much like in a two-seat fighter jet.

But people who can afford to own a car like this are also accustomed totraveling in style. To match the car's unique interior to its first classperformance, the example shown at Salon Prive was given a special treatment byVilner: the exterior color scheme has been mimicked on the inside, and the XTR hasnow been given a phenomenal black, red and white leather interior. Vilner alsoadded a host of carbon fiber accents and Alcantara pieces throughout the cabin.Now, when the driver and passenger enclose themselves in the supercar's glassbubble, they'll be ensconced in luxury that makes first class seem slow.

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