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The Accord is Eating Camry Sales for Breakfast

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Well, kind of. You just have to ignore fleet sales.

The sales battle between the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry has been going on for over a couple of decades now. Even in light of serious new competition such as the Hyundai Sonata and the Ford Fusion, both Accord and Camry continue to have extremely loyal owners who often refuse to drive anything else. Competition between the two remaina fierce, and now Honda has just announced that for 2013, the Accord out sold the Camry.

All told, 360,089 Accords were sold last year compared to 342,007 Camrys. However, what Honda didn't take into account here is fleet sales. If that were to be factored in, then Toyota actually sold 408,484 Camrys last year. Honda, to its credit, tries to avoid swelling its sales numbers with fleet sales, preferring to sell to individual customers. Fleet sales, as everyone should be aware, can actually hurt a car's residual value. Honda wants its cars to maintain a high resale value in order to guarantee further customer loyalty. But still, the Accord-Camry fight is only going to pick up with a new Camry in the works that Toyota is promising will be more emotional and sportier than any previous generation. We'll believe that when we see it.

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