The Acura ILX Special Edition Is Further Proof This Car Is Slowly Dying

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Why pay more for a previous generation Honda Civic with an Acura badge?

The Acura ILX, built on the same platform as the previous generation Honda Civic, keeps trucking along, rolling into the 2018 model year with a new special edition trim. Featuring 18-inch wheels, unique badges, and aero upgrades such as aggressive side sills and a rear spoiler from the A-spec models, this new ILX trim offers decent features for the money. Speaking of which, Acura wants you to pony up at least $29,850 for the special edition, which is $800 more than the base model.

If you feel like spending more on a more luxurious but still outdated Civic, then that Premium A-Spec is there for you, beginning at $33,050. The fully-loaded top trim Tech Plus A-Spec runs for $36,050. Regardless of trim, all ILXs are powered by a 2.4-liter four-cylinder with 201 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque. And yes, there's also just a single transmission available, an eight-speed dual-clutch. The ILX was last updated for 2016, so other than the special edition there aren't any other changes. Or, in other words, the ILX may be on borrowed time. Let's face it, the sedan market isn't what it once was. Considering the latest Honda Civic is larger than its predecessor, better equipped, and more powerful, the need for the ILX's existence is dwindling.

A fully-loaded 2018 Civic sedan begins at $26,700, and won't even hit the $30k mark with added options. See the ILX's problem? Why pay more for something that's outdated when the only thing you'll get in return is an Acura badge? Makes no sense. Acura hasn't commented on whether there'll even be a second generation ILX, but if there were to be we'd imagine it'll ride on the new Civic's architecture. However, given the crossover hype and lower industry-wide sedan sales, chances are Acura will let the ILX fade away with no successor. Acura also happens to do quite well, sales wise, with its crossovers, so it'd make sense for it to focus on crossovers. Unless we hear otherwise, the ILX likely won't be around for much longer.

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