The Acura Legend Is Returning But Not In The Way You'd Expect

SEMA 2015 / 37 Comments

An old friend from the past.

Not everyone will remember the Acura Legend. It's been out of production since 1995. Damn shame, too. Its successors, the RL and the RLX, were bland by comparison. The Legend was a proper full-size luxury sedan that was also a blast to drive. The latter two were simply old man's cars. And now Acura is digging into its past for this year's SEMA show in Las Vegas, happening early next month. The carmaker will display a custom-restored 1993 Legend owned by actor and rapper Ludacris.

Thing is, that car was severely damaged in a crash; it looks pretty nasty. We're sure a whole bunch of other work will be needed to make this a top-notch restoration. But apparently all of the work has been done. Ludacris was also involved in the resto process by providing input and support. Acura will also debut a highly modified ILX from Galpin Auto Sports, which is inspired by the Legend rebuild. Both will be displayed in Vegas alongside the new NSX that's been outfitted with something called the Genuine Acura Accessory Package.


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