The Acura NSX And Ayrton Senna Will Be Forever Linked

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Great tribute video for the legendary car and driver.

Ayrton Senna is arguably one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers ever, and although he is no longer with us his legacy lives on through the many things he did in his lifetime. One of his many claims to fame is being a collaborator on the development of the Acura/Honda NSX, something not known by non-gearhead types but used in bar room conversations by Honda fanatics the world over. Senna reportedly owned a trio of NSX cars, two kept in Portugal and one in his hometown of Brazil.

In 1989 Acura gave the first demo NSX to Senna to thrash around a track expecting him to love it. But he didn't as it was "too fragile." To get it right, Senna was pulled into the project.

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His feedback and invaluable advice sculpted the NSX into an amazing car that spurred on Japan's interest in supercars. Senna's comments resulted in a 50% stiffer chassis and a more balanced drive. Videomaker Robert Alblas is clearly a fan of both the Acura NSX and Ayrton Senna, and so he pieced together this brilliant tribute showing off the NSX with splashes of Senna's Formula 1 races pieced in along with some quotes from the driver. There's some great filming but this one also gives you a kick right in the feels. The first NSX is the car it is thanks to the input of a true master of motorsport and this fact alone is what should be driving up prices of these collectible Acuras.

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