The Acura NSX Looks Absolutely Stunning In Bare Carbon Fiber

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It has now become crystal clear that everything looks better in bare carbon.

There's something about bare carbon fiber that, for some reason, makes an already awesome car that much more exciting to look at. Whether it's the sneak glimpse you get through the BMW i3's door sills or when it's used to cover an entire car, as demonstrated by this Ferrari Enzo, the application of raw carbon on road cars across the spectrum always makes them feel that little bit more special. As a result, we were especially ecstatic to hear that the Acura NSX comes in a bare carbon finish.


Our dreams were quickly dashed when we realized that, actually, Acura won't be offering such a finish on the road-legal NSX. Instead, the use of bare carbon fiber to mold body panels will only be available on the GT3 racing car that will make its competitive debut sometime in 2017. By that time, the works and private teams will have slapped their livery designs on the car, but we really hope at least one outfit leaves some of the carbon panels exposed, as the NSX GT3 looks absolutely stunning. Factor in the lighter curb weight and greater propensity for oversteer, thanks to the ditching of the hybrid and all-wheel drive systems, and you're left with a really desirable car.

As we said earlier, Acura doesn't offer a bare carbon bodywork package on the NSX and likely won't ever do so. However, now that we have definitive proof that the NSX looks ace in bare carbon we can hopefully look forward to either Acura offering said package on the allegedly-in-the-works Type-R, or an aftermarket firm filling in. Whichever party gives it the green light we're pretty sure the end result will be awesome.


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