The Acura NSX Sounds Incredible With Brutal New Exhaust

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Who doesn't like to hear their turbos whistle?

Fabspeed may have gotten its start building full stainless-steel exhaust kits for European exotics like Porsches and Lamborghinis some 25 years ago, but the company has since branched out, tackling cars like the Nissan GT-R, Volkswagen Touareg, and even the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8. Now, the American performance parts company has added another fabled Japanese performance car to the roster: the Acura NSX.

Now, V6s - especially twin-turbo ones like that in the NSX - aren't necessarily known for their sick-sounding exhaust notes; generally they could use all the help they can get. So how does the second-generation Acura NSX sound through a set of Fabspeed pipes?

In a word: excellent.

There's something about a clearly audible turbocharger "whistle" that really sets an exhaust note apart, and this NSX has got it - much more so than with a factory exhaust, which, it must be said, is just too quiet in general. Fabspeed's system doesn't throttle so much of the noise emanating from the engine, resulting in an exhaust note that's much more special, more exotic, and demonstrably louder.

And just wait until you hear this: this is actually the mildest system Fabspeed offers for the current Acura NSX, coupling twin "Sport" catalytic converters with its "Maxflo" cat-back exhaust, and still imbuing the supercar with a fantastic raspy tone that could give the V6-powered Jaguar F-Type a run for its money.

Front View Driving Acura
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But good luck getting those other systems, which can run up to about $8,800, to pass inspection; they're sold either with cat-bypass tubes, or with high-flow HJS Motorsport catalysts that haven't been certified by the EPA, meaning they're strictly off-road-only. In fact, even the optional Sport catalytic converters installed on this car are non-road-legal, which is a real shame because they save 21 pounds and add up to 17 lb-ft and 27 horsepower to the Acura NSX's already impressive stats.

But that's alright, because Fabspeed's Maxflo system is compatible with the factory catalysts, and still manages to shave 19 pounds off of the weight of the car. Power and torque are yet to be announced, but at around $1,600, it's worth it for the turbocharger whistle alone.

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