The Aftermath of Yesterday's McLaren F1 Destruction

If you thought the photos were bad, wait until you see the video.

It was a horribly difficult thing to see. Fortunately no one was seriously injured in the accident, but the McLaren F1 suffered some colossal damage. Chassis number 072 was involved in a serious accident a couple of days ago while taking part in a group tour in Italy. Our friend Marchettino just so happened to be present, and caught the aftermath on video. He also filmed the car before it flipped over and crashed into a tree.

There's no official report of how the nasty accident happened just yet, but Marchettino informed us that the driver likely lost control while driving at high speeds. A team of McLaren technicians were also present for the F1 event, but there’s still no word whether or not the car can be repaired. Check out the before and after.

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