The Alfa Romeo Giulia Will Not Offer A Manual In The United States


This is the second time this week Alfa has disappointed its American fans.

Those in the US who were hoping that the resurgence of Alfa Romeo would lead to more of Europe's enthusiast-focused goodies in American driveways may have been asking for too much. Just after news leaked that the automaker was going to build a Giulia wagon for Europe only it decided to double down on the dismay. Road and Track is reporting that the automaker will not be sending a manual version of the sedan to the United States. Every Giulia from the base model all the way up to the souped-up Quadrifoglio will be manual-only.

When the Italian automaker debuted the Giulia Quadrifoglio it had a six-speed manual that, when placed in the hands of a professional racing driver, was able to claim the record for being the fastest four-door sedan around the Nurburgring. That time went on to be bested by the new Porsche Panamera Turbo, but Alfa Romeo wasn't done trying. It had one more trick up its sleeve. This time it put its driver behind the wheel of an eight-speed automatic and beat the Panamera by six seconds, hitting a time of 7:32 around the ring. Regardless of which gearbox is faster, it's still disappointing to hear that we won't at least have the option to pull a slower lap time and get more time to enjoy the drive.

The disappointing news came during a first drive of the Giulia, with an FCA spokesperson confirming the on-the-ground news. While Chris Harris may think this is a good thing, the Alfa Romeo Giulia, especially the QV, is supposed to be a car for enthusiasts. BMW recognizes this and leaves the manual as an option in the M3 and M4, so if Alfa Romeo wants to edge out the Mercedes-AMG C63 and upcoming RS4 Avant it should ship a three-pedal version of its new sedan to the states, please and thank you. Unlike the Mercedes-AMG C63, it's not like Alfa has to redesign the car to accommodate a manual. All it has to do is put the box it's already built into cars destined for the US.

Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo

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