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The Alfa Romeo Stelvio Has Sprung A Leak

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Which could affect the crossover's electrical system.

Alfa Romeo is recalling the Stelvio due to a pair of leaks. It's the I-told-you-so moment everyone has been waiting for: Alfa Romeo is calling back 12,595 Stelvio crossovers in order to address two separate leaks. According to the company, Stelvios built between March 20, 2017 and Valentine's day of this year could experience water intrusion events in two separate locations, the A-pillarandthe rear hatch area.

Specifically, Alfa says these vehicles may experience sealing deficiencies in the A-pillar sheet metal joint and where plenum sheet metal meets the HVAC box, which puts the body control module at corrosion risk. The corrosion may trigger several warning lights, and cause the loss of windshield wiper function, exterior lighting, and horn, along with inadvertent turn signal activation. Other Stelvios may experience a similar deficiency in sealing in the rear liftgate applique and tail lamp assembly. If water gets to the wiring connectors in the rear liftgate wiring harness or the liftgate-opening switches it can cause unintended opening of the rear hatch at low speeds.

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Affected vehicles will get additional sealant applied to the to the A-pillar and rear liftgate area by their local dealer. Alfa Romeo has already addressed both issues with changes on the assembly line, adding additional shielding to the body control module and sealing tape along the plenum. They also developed a new application process for the water sealant, protective tape and shrink tube along with additional protection to affected connectors. And this is why you never buy a car in its first model year. If you have questions or concerns Alfa invites you to call their customer service line at 1-844-253-2872.