The Alfa Romeo Stelvio Now Comes With Filtered Windows

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Instagram influencers will love this.

Just the other day, we remarked how now is the perfect time to buy a used Stelvio. The sporty SUV was recently updated and even before that, we felt that it was a great vacation car. But not everyone can afford to go on vacation. After all, a new Stelvio will set you back at least $40k. But now you can have the best of both worlds, thanks to another update that the Italians have added to the SUV. Introducing the Stelvio's "Instagram-inspired filter window technology." What does it do? According to Alfa, it "transports drivers and passengers to some of Italy's most iconic and beautiful locations."

Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo

Billed as a world-first, Alfa Romeo says the idea for the tech came about especially for the British market, where the weather is gloomy and residents are currently being restricted from international travel. The feature will be standard on all new Stelvio models and is officially called Nuova Luce, or 'New Light'.

Activated via the car's infotainment system through a dedicated widget, occupants can select a filter to be applied to the windows using electrochromic glass technology. "Instantly, the filters replace the flat light and dreary weather" with one of five ambiances that add romance to any scenery viewed through the windows.

Front View Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo
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The five filters being offered are inspired by some of Italy's most popular destinations for UK tourists: Roma (sunset hues with soft yellows and reds), Milano (the bright, crisp light of the Duomo), Torino (a peachy palette, invoking ancient architecture), Como (the rich blues and greens of sunlit water) and Cinque Terre (the bold, high-contrast colors of the Amalfi Coast).

Alfa says that "while it's no replacement for the real thing, this world-first technology brings a taste of Italy to the UK for Stelvio drivers." Considering that Nuova Luce is an evolution of the widely available auto-dimming mirror technology, UK buyers can likely expect something similar from other manufacturers in the future.

Lateral View Alfa Romeo
Driving Front Angle Alfa Romeo
Rear Angle View Alfa Romeo

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