The All-New 2018 BMW M5 Will Be Revealed This Summer

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And you thought its AMG E63 rival was nuts. Oh, just wait.

BMW has nearly completed the launch of its all-new 5 Series lineup, with one major exception: the M5. Set to make its official public debut this September at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Autocar is claiming the German automaker will reveal its new tire smoker in August, either online or at a BMW-sponsored event, or both. We've seen plenty of spy shots of BMW engineers testing and perfecting the next M5 for quite some time now, and despite the camouflaged body, we have a fairly good idea what the final product will look like.

As is the case with the outgoing M5, its successor will feature more aggressive exterior features, such as larger front air intakes. Under its hood will lie a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8, which is expected to produce around 600 hp, the same output of its arch rival, the Mercedes-AMG E 63. The current M5 produces a maximum of 592 hp when equipped with the Competition Package. Perhaps the most significant change the 2018 M5 will have is an all-wheel drive system. Up until now, the M5 has solely been rear-wheel-drive. Why add AWD now? Because Audi, for example, has its Quattro all-wheel drive system.

This will not only help to improve performance and overall handling, but also allow BMW to market it customers who live in wintry and wet regions. A six-speed manual won't be offered anywhere; an eight-speed automatic will be the sole gearbox. Sources claim the new M5 will be the fastest M5 to date, surpassing the M550i XDrive's 0-60 mph sprint time of 3.9 seconds. At this time, BMW is performing the final performance testing touches, so we figure that by this August we'll see the real deal.

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