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The All-New Porsche 911 GT3 RS Will Look Just Like This

2018 LA Auto Show / Comments

These latest 911 renders look ready for production.

The eighth-generation of the Porsche 911 has just been revealed at the 2018 LA Auto Show and we are already seeing virtual renders of what people think the upcoming variants are going to look like. This new 992 series Porsche 911 is more of an evolutionary step forward rather than a revolutionary one.

Whereas the 991 was a noticeable step on from the previous 997, this model refines the existing exterior design and you may at first glance mistake one for the other, especially when viewed head-on.

Having revealed his interpretation of an all-new 911 Cabrio, X-Tomi Design is back for more. Thanks to Porsche's set-in-stone model releases and design cues, his 992 GT3 and GTS renders are unlikely to differ much from the real thing when they do arrive.

As is the practice with the 911 model range, the first models to be introduced are generally the standard Carreras, in the case of the 992 we have gotten the more potent S and 4S models first.

The outgoing GT3 RS meanwhile is still in production and the styling similarities between it and the 992 GT3 RS render are readily apparent. The new 911's door handles, wing mirrors and headlights have all been incorporated into the design while the wheels and rear wing are shared with the current GT3 RS.

There is no word yet whether it will retain its naturally-aspirated 500 horsepower 4.0-liter flat-six but rumors suggest that it might still be part of this track-focused package. Either way, it will be the (slightly) less aggressive GT3 that arrives before we are treated to the full-fat RS model.

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The Carrera GTS is the next render on our list and this model has become a mainstay in the last few generations of the 911. Featuring a few cherry-picked optional extras from the standard range, a touch more power and some bespoke GTS details, these models have become the sweet spot in the range.

The X-Tomi render showcases the spoked wheel design and GTS decals that are this model's trademark visual cues, but as with the GT3 RS, the looks are very similar to the outgoing car. The new 992 Carrera S puts out 443 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque (up 23hp and 22 lb-ft) so the GTS should add another 30 hp and 30 lb-ft to those figures which would make for an extremely rapid sports car.

We can expect to see this and the usual avalanche of 911 variants to start making their way to dealers in the near future.