The Alpina B7 Is A Stoplight Sleeper Disguised As A Luxury Sedan


You know what they say about judging books by their covers.

Just like in the Prohibition Era, if there is demand for a product that you cant find on store shelves, someone is going to start making said product to satisfy demand. The same goes for the BMW Alpina B7. Mercedes is wise enough to know that there is a market for an S65 AMG, but BMW has shunned the prospect of a true M7 from the start. Instead, tuning house Alpina has filled the gap with its B7. As for numbers, the Alpina B7 has everything you’re looking for in a car that could exchange its "B" badge with an "M" one.

A 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 (with the turbines exquisitely placed inside the V of the engine) makes 600 horsepower and propels the heavy Bimmer from 0-60 mph in a disorienting 3.6 seconds. To make things even more fun, the B7 hides its capabilities in the same clever way as the Mercedes S65 AMG. Instead of looking like a subdued sports car, it puts on very conspicuous formal clothing. Pulling up to a stoplight next to this Alpina, with its chrome-lipped doors, grille, exhaust tips, trunk, and huge 20-inch wheels must be like pulling up to a royal carriage. So it’s probably just as amusing to see the carriage pull off in a cloud of smoke and humiliate the BMW M4 right next to it.

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Inside the picture is something we've seen before, save for the Alpina badges. Diamond pattern stitching in the leather mixes with ergonomic controls to make a cabin that's very inviting and luxurious. For Alpina's sake, lets just hope the added power is distilled through a competent chassis to make it as good or better than the S65 AMG. See our live Geneva shots and let us know if this is a true luxury performance sedan sleeper in the making.