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The AMG GT is Here to Stay, CEO Says

Mercedes-AMG / 66 Comments

At least two generations with 7-8 year lifecycle ahead.

As the buzz revolving the debut of the stunning Mercedes-AMG GT refuses to die, it may be time to tell the haters to just get used to it. Because, according to AMG CEO Tobias Moers, this new model is about to become a permanent member of the Mercedes-AMG's lineup, and isn't about to go away anytime soon. Moers told Motoring that the AMG GT will have a seven to eight year lifecycle, and stick around for at least two generations. If anything, expect to see more of the car, as additional variants, like a Black Series and convertible, gradually appear.

Moers also said the model could eventually be equipped with all-wheel drive, but there no plans for that at the moment. "Technically-wise everything is possible, but there is no plan in that platform," he told Motoring. Moers also refuses to accept the Porsche 911 as the AMG GT's sole rival: "We are now in a traditional sports car segment and I know who is the masterpiece so far there. But the competitive set has increased there. We have a Jaguar there [F-Type], we have an Audi R8, the P13 [McLaren] is coming sooner or later in that segment. It is all about competition."

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