The AMG GT Roadsters And AMG GT R Are Surprisingly Good Deals

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Mercedes just released pricing for all its new GT models.

Mercedes-Benz just announced pricing for its new AMG GT models, the GT Roadster, GT C Roadster and GT R. The figures were listed in euros and included a VAT (value added tax) of 19%. When you chop off that tax and convert the price to dollars you get the following figures: the AMG GT Roadster is priced at $110,981, AMG GT C Roadster at $138,017 and the range-topping AMG GT R at $142,106. The prices in euros, which include that 19% VAT, are: AMG GT Roadster €129,180.45, AMG GT C Roadster £160,650 and AMG GT R at €165,410.

We don’t know exactly where the US pricing will fall, but they shouldn’t stray too far from these VAT-free figures. At the top of the range the AMG GT R doesn’t seem like the worst deal in the world at $142,000. A base model 911 Turbo sells for $159,000 and is down on power, although it is lighter. The AMG GT R won’t exactly be able to run all day at the track but it is designed for performance. That should give Mercedes an edge as consumers will have to choose between a “base” 911 Turbo or a track-spec’d (ish) AMG GT. At the bottom of the pricing totem pole the GT Roadster seems like a pretty good buy at $110,981, although a Jaguar F-Type R makes more power and is available for cheaper.

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The AMG GT C Roadster is the only price point we aren’t a big fan of. The almost- GT R is just a couple thousand cheaper than the more powerful and better looking range-topper and is thousands of dollars more expensive than the base convertible. Yeah, it packs some of the GT R’s tech but we just don’t see why Mercedes would price it so similarly to the GT R. If you’re a few thousand away from the top-tier AMG GT why wouldn’t you just crack open another piggy bank and go all out? Conversely, if all you want is a convertible AMG GT why not buy the base Roadster and option it like hell?